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BEHIND THE HYPE - A Stand Tall Podcast. Made FOR young people, BY young people. Join our hosts Anna Cocquerel (Home and Away Star) and Nathan Moss aka Uncle Nath, as they go Behind the Hype of all things that effect teens. With special guests and professional experts, we explore everything from body image to relationships and mental health to peer pressure. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you!!!!!! #teenlife #podcast #teenpodcast #behindthehype #standtall

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Saturday Jun 15, 2024

In this episode we hear from the legend that is Nedd Brockmann, interviewed by Nick Farr-Jones at the Stand Tall 2024 Sydney event.
At 23 years old Nedd Brockmann became the fastest ever Australian to run across the country.
He embarked on the nearly 4,000km run that took 46 days, to raise money for the homeless charity 'Mobilise.' By the end of his run he had raised $2.5 million.
On his final day more than 10,000 people welcomed him home in an emotional finish that will be remembered for years.
Nedd's relentless focus on never giving up and continuing to show up has inspired the nation. His incredible achievement and the way he did it has resonated with all ages and demographics and is driving people across Australia to take on new challenges.

Saturday Jun 15, 2024

In this episode Anna chats with Molly Croft, a Stand Tall Ambassador and a beacon of resilience and empowerment.
Despite the daunting diagnosis of high-grade Metastatic Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma at just 12 years old, Molly has refused to let her circumstances define her.
She stands as a leading light in raising awareness and raising over $1 million for sarcoma-related causes.
In 2021, Molly was honoured with the prestigious NSW Women's Award for "One to Watch," recognising her potential to enact positive change. Furthermore, her unwavering commitment to Sarcoma awareness and her remarkable fundraising endeavours have earned her the esteemed title of Dubbo Regional Citizen of the Year for 2024, a testament to her profound impact on her community.
As co-founder of the Tie Dye Project, her tireless advocacy serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by Sarcoma. Additionally, Molly emphasises the importance of mental health, reminding everyone facing tough times to look for the rainbow amidst life's storms.

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Nath believes strongly in a motto of ‘live life your own way’ and embodies this in everything he does.
With exceptional grades in high school and a dream to pursue the corporate life, Nathan complete a 3 year bachelors degree at UTS before changing direction to fulfil a dream of entrepreneurship and move abroad.
His uber-successful podcast and personal brand - Uncle Nathan - has reached millions of young Aussies and amassed over 20k followers online, and he is now looking to extend his impact alongside Stand Tall!

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Get to know Anna! 
Anna Cocquerel, most famously know as Coco Astoni on Home and Away, recently graduated from the Australian Film Television Radio School (AFTRS)
A remarkable achievement given her early life challenges. Until the age of 9, Anna was unable to read and write due to severe dyslexia. Overcoming a tough start, she entered middle school with low self-esteem and debilitating anxiety. Additionally, she dealt with scoliosis, which required her to wear a full-body brace under her school uniform, leading to bullying.
Despite these obstacles, Anna discovered that life's challenges can build strength. In senior school, she began acting and was cast as Coco Astoni on Home and Away, a role she played for three years.
Anna is passionate about giving hope to students facing learning difficulties, poor body image, anxiety, and bullying. She aims to provide them with tools to overcome their challenges and recognize their unique value.
"I teamed up with Stand Tall because I want to help kids understand that their struggles can empower them. Being different can be a superpower, as seeing the world differently offers a unique perspective."

Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Get to know us!
Episode 1, Part 1, introduces our fabulous hosts, Anna Cocquerel and Nathan Moss.
Get to know them and Stand Tall in this fun, fast episode. Enjoy !


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